Postcards from Paris series

Spent the past two days working on this series of paintings for my college’s art week. I’ve decided to dig out my old photos from my Paris trip three years ago, and rather than displaying those, I’ve decided to put my own spin on things.

(As per usual, all these works will be available as prints/posters/merchandise on my Redbubble.) 

Scan 1-cropped copy

“View From Montmartre”, gouache

Scan 2-cropped copy

Shakespeare and Company, Gouache

Scan 3-cropped copy

Bouquinistes de Paris“, gouache

Scan-cropped copy

Evening by The Seine“, gouache


Went on a walk to Starbucks to get myself coffee to fuel my essay crisis.

Faced the epiphany that my procrastination and inability to write mainly stems from my overthinking. I must begin to instil in myself the notion that I ought to start with rough drafts that’ll be edited ruthlessly and repeatedly later, and that I’m not going to come up with a perfect final piece the first time I write.

College rambles – September 2, 2015

Today turned out to be my self-declared self-care day.
Since I didn’t have any classes scheduled for today – my European history tutes alternate between odd and even weeks – I decided to call my mom up and meet her for breakfast at my college. (I needed to clear my excess meal credits anyway.)

We ended up watching Inside Out again. My mom wasn’t all too impressed with the movie, but then again, you’ve got to admit that Inside Out’s no Toy Story. She did, however, rather like the trailer for The Good Dinosaur, which is brilliant since I’m probably dragging the entire family along to watch that with me when it’s released at the end of the year. (JUST LOOK AT HOW PHOTOREALISTIC THE BACKGROUNDS ARE!!) Since I was out shopping with my mom, I got treated to a decent lunch – or at least, it was miles better than what I usually have for lunch at the college: biscuits.

I suppose I sort of miss hanging out with my mom. We used to go shopping so often and she’d shower me with new clothes and stuff but now I’m buried under piles of books and readings and living rather far away from our usual hangout places. I’m just glad we got to spend the morning together before I face the rest of the week.