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So, I couldn’t exactly settle on how I felt about “Anne With an E”, so I’ve only gone & painted Anne whilst trying to work out my confused sentiments. Alas, I’m still quite ambivalent about the show. Why’d they have to grimdark-fy such a beloved tale from my childhood?

“It’s bad too to tell you how tired I am — so maddeningly tired — but maybe I have to be tired to wake up — I’ve had enough — I feel bored to distraction with people and things — I’m ready for my own company again and lots of it too.”
— Georgia O’Keeffe, from a letter to Alfred Stieglitz featured in My Faraway One: Selected Letters of Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz: Volume One, 1915-1933

St. Vincent.



Took a break from my last minute reading to work on a wee doodle of St. Vincent. that turned out much pink-er and weirder than I intended thanks to the marvels of photoshop.


This design’s currently available as prints & other merch on my redbubble store, where there’s a 20% discount for the next two days (the discount code’s CARPE20).


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Bought my tickets to Florence’s BST show in London on July 2nd – my first ever FATM gig, since the last time she toured Singapore was over six years ago, when I was too little to go to shows – and to celebrate that I made this little doodle.

Feel free to purchase the design as a print or as merchandise on my Redbubble store and feed a poor, starving student on her trip to London & Cambridge (or contribute to her concert merchandise fund.)

Redbubble link: HERE

I’m on Society6!

After sorting out my finances, I’ve finally started a paypal account through which I can get paid more efficiently by online retailers such as society6 and redbubble (I was paid in cheques previously but redbubble’s phasing out this payment method) and so it led me to open my own society6 shop which you can find here.

To be quite frank, I’ve found better reviews of society6’s products as opposed to redbubble’s and am hence considering migrating my entire shop to the former, but that has yet to happen. (Formatting as a seller’s much easier on RB than on society6, I must admit.) Prices on both shops are comparable but there remains greater range of designs and products on my RB shop.


Anyway, I made this line drawing of Chvrches earlier today and it’s available on both my stores as prints. [x] [x] You can get the design on selected merchandise on my RB store as well.