“I only wish to be so successful that Annie Leibovitz would take my picture,” mused my friend.

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Long & Lost

“Lost in the fog, these hollow hills/
Blood running hot, night chills”

“It’s been so long between the words we spoke/
Will you be there up on the shore, I hope”

“Is it too late to come on home?/
Are all those bridges now old stone?”

Week 3

Week two

The past week’s been busy to say the least. I’m engaging much more in my college’s social activities now, and that consumes so much of my reading time. Classes this semester seem slightly more difficult, which is a welcome challenge – if only I didn’t have to dedicate so much time to my extracurricular endeavours.

There are copious numbers of paintings to do, my weekly cartoons for the college’s journal to script and sketch, in addition to the work I’ll have to put in for my Vogue Talent Contest submission this year. How does my Oxonian friend do it? I’m afraid I’ll never know.

On a side note, I’ll be heading to Laneway Music Festival this weekend. Hopefully I’ll survive the crowds.

After a couple drinks, I now can’t remember how or even fathom why my parents decided to take the family to the public garden and conservatories on Christmas day – though I did manage to capture some of these gems while I was there.