“Be the person you needed when you were younger.” ― Ayesha Siddiqi

An entry from my journal on May 20, 2017:

“It is not difficult to feel self-conscious when you’re scribbling away in a notebook — quite manically, it would seem — in a middle of a subway carriage amidst the chattering weekend crowd. Sure, I could’ve typed this out on my phone, but alas, I’ve pulled the journal out so there’s no turning back.
Who, in this god forsaken place, still journals, anyway? Continue reading


“The past is always tense, the future perfect.”

– Zadie Smith

i wrote something

Inspired by a passing comment, and perhaps, obligated by a casual promise I made to a friend when we were discussing our college’s journal, I penned an essay on my love for cats one afternoon, and, by some miracle, summoned the guts to submit said essay for publication. (Of course, I’ve written for other zines & publications, but I’d usually prefer for my readers to remain relatively anonymous — that is, not living in the same building as I am — to me.) Anyway, HERE is the article, a mere, whimsical, little sketch of my childhood.

For something more substantial, please do check out the marvellous new zine, “Do What You Want”, that Ruby Tandoh and Leah Pritchard put together. It’s currently available for pre-order HERE, & all profits raised will be donated to charity organisations in aid of women’s mental health, including Sisters Uncut and Beat ED.

“My mood has been unusual. There are some days, like yesterday, when I have nothing to write about – not because nothing significant happened, but I feel more reflective than otherwise, and I don’t see any reason to force myself to put pen to paper.”
— Virginia Woolf, from a diary entry featured in The Complete Works of Virginia Woolf; Selected Diaries

on democracy and the media

Disclaimer: I am very much aware that what follows may ruffle some feathers, so please do avoid reading the rest of the post if unpopular opinions – particularly those on democracy – tend to peeve you.

“I can’t believe people are still considering alternatives to Clinton at this point,” I lamented to my friend as the first presidential debate drew to its inevitable conclusion last night. Trump had made an utter fool of himself, and yet a Trump presidency remains an all too frightful and unfortunate plausibility. Why are Americans still not doing everything to prevent a senseless, and utterly ignorant buffoon from becoming the president of, arguably, the most powerful nation in the world?

“Logic doesn’t influence people anymore,” she bemoaned, “it’s all about pathos these days. People hate the system, people hate Clinton, and that’s why they’re voting against it.”

“But one absolutely must make a logical decision!?”

“Except the system doesn’t care if you do! That’s why democracy doesn’t work,” she retorted. Continue reading

“ That’s how I write. I’ve got a purple yoga mat, and I have a little table about that size. That’s sort of what it looks like. I hoover; I find odd places to polish. Places that I haven’t seen in a long time; sometimes parts of my own body. And there’s a lot of crying in fetal positions. ” — Emma Thompson

If an established, wise, older woman like Emma Thompson’s allowed to cry in fetal positions when she writes, I suppose I have every excuse to do so as well.