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The Wilkes-Barre News, Pennsylvania, June 17, 1901

Sure, my summer’s — technically — begun about a month ago, but those languid days, I’m afraid I must admit, dear reader, have been whittled away in bed or at various cafes around town.

Twenty-five days down, a hundred and seven more to go.

Here’s how I intend to keep myself productive (and sane) before the time comes for me to pack my bags for London: get a job read.

It turns out that I don’t particularly want to be employed — not for this summer, at least, and not at a soul-crushing nine-to-five. After all, it must be self-evident that hammering out inane promotional articles at one’s desk simply cannot hold a candle to late morning brunches with my mom and afternoons spent with my best friend, traipsing through museum galleries as we get up to our typical shenanigans. Surely I ought to spend more time with the people that I hardly get to see during the semester?

And so I shall devote some of my time to reading, instead, partly in preparation for the following academic semester (because I’m a nerd), and partly to catch up on my mammoth to-read list.

The following’s some of the books that I intend to finish by the end of this break, though this list will be updated (if I’m not too lazy to do so) as I receive more recommendations and acquire more ‘loot’ from bookstores:

Black Beauty

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Lady Audley’s Secret

Aurora Leigh

Julius Caesar


The All’s Well That Ends Well

Henry IV

Fun Home

Too Much and Not The Mood

On Beauty

The Refugees

What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours

At Your Own Risk: A Saint’s Testament

Footsteps: Literary Pilgrimages Around The World

On a side note, please do drop me book recommendations, if you have any, for they’ll be much appreciated!


“Be the person you needed when you were younger.” ― Ayesha Siddiqi

An entry from my journal on May 20, 2017:

“It is not difficult to feel self-conscious when you’re scribbling away in a notebook — quite manically, it would seem — in a middle of a subway carriage amidst the chattering weekend crowd. Sure, I could’ve typed this out on my phone, but alas, I’ve pulled the journal out so there’s no turning back.
Who, in this god forsaken place, still journals, anyway? Continue reading

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So, I couldn’t exactly settle on how I felt about “Anne With an E”, so I’ve only gone & painted Anne whilst trying to work out my confused sentiments. Alas, I’m still quite ambivalent about the show. Why’d they have to grimdark-fy such a beloved tale from my childhood?

on university & mental health


“In my first depressive episode, I believed the fact I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning because I was just a bit hopeless – I made a cavalier joke out of it, people laughed. I stopped eating regularly – I made another joke, friends laughed again. I laughed with them. Depression doesn’t knock on the door and introduce itself; it isn’t monotonal – people still make jokes, they still function, they still believe they’re happy. In my case, I would have insisted I was having a great university experience. I was also drinking a bottle of wine alone most afternoons and crafting misspelt essays to my tutors full of excuses.” – Shon Faye, “The Real Reasons We Are Silent About Depression”

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“The truth is, I often like women. I like their unconventionality, I like their completeness, I like their anonymity.” – Virginia Woolf

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! What an excuse for me to make yet another doodle and collage of my favourite authoress instead of studying for my linguistics midterms.